Children’s Eye Test

Our precious children and their precious vision.

Children only have their own experience of the world, so how do they know what is normal vision. Undiagnosed visual problems can affect not only your child’s comfort, but also their learning and performance at school.

In fact, here at Kings Opticians we recommend you bring your little one to see us from the age of 3, however we’re happy to see them earlier if you have any concerns. 

It doesn’t matter if they can’t read either; we can still identify any issues using age-appropriate equipment and picture-based tests.

Another important point is that any vision problems detected before the age of eight can usually be corrected, but after this age they are much harder to treat and may become permanent. The eyes develop at a dramatic rate during the early years and if certain problems are spotted early enough, vision can be corrected using a number of methods, including patches and glasses.

We make our sight tests for children fun and interactive so it’s one less worry, our team have the experience to make children feel relaxed and comfortable, and keep them happy and engaged throughout their examination.

Eye examinations for children under the age of 16 (and up to 19, if in full-time education) are covered by the NHS. We have a fantastic range of fun, colourful and fashionable frames to choose from all at affordable prices and many free with a NHS voucher.

Approximately 1 in 4 school-aged children ages an undiagnosed eye condition. This is a particularly worrying statistic as eye tests for children under the age of 16 are completely free, courtesy of the NHS!

Sue, Optical Advisor

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