We are a KODAK Lens Vision Centre, offering you unbeatable quality and value for money.

Choosing your new frames is often the most exciting aspect of visiting the opticians. However, while the frames you choose are important, the lenses you put in them are even more so, they’re the part that will improve your vision after all.

At Kings Opticians we have been chosen by KODAK Lens to be one of their lens experts.

This world renowned brand offers some of the best optical lenses available with unbeatable quality. We have expert knowledge of their products and are able to bespoke KODAK Unique lenses to provide the best vision correction available. Some of their lens coatings even come with a two year anti-scratch guarantee, that’s how confident they are of their products, with a no-quibble exchange policy.

With help from our lens specialists you can find the lenses to best suit your needs and lifestyle. Each member of our team regularly attends staff training to keep up-to-date with lens technology and how they will work in real life for our patients. 

We take the time to listen and only recommend lenses that will benefit you.

Then when you come to collect your glasses we make sure that you’re happy with your glasses and your vision, making any adjustments that may be required and be assured that we are always there for any queries and aftercare no matter what they are or when they happen.

Some of the lenses we offer include:

When our eyes are unable to focus between distance and near vision an all vision (varifocal) lens enables us to claim back some of the focussing power we have lost by adapting your vision with a lens prescription. These lenses work at multiple distances, providing a seamless visual experience.

Transition lenses will save you the hassle if you’re finding you don’t want to switch your glasses to sunglasses when you step outside. These specialist lenses darken according to the light/ UV they are exposed to, leaving you with clear specs indoors and sunglasses when enjoying the sunshine.

Polarised lenses are designed to combat glare. Whilst spending time outdoors you’ve no doubt experienced glare, such as off the surface of a lake whilst fishing or off a wet road in the morningwhich then causes discomfort in your vision. These lenses allow you to see more comfortably as well as prevent conditions such as visual stress and tired eyes

Blue control lenses are recommended for those who spend lots of time in front of a computer screen. These lenses are designed to reduce the amount of blue light that is emitted from screens from entering the eyes which may lead to eye strain and headaches.

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